What I'm Doing Now


Being a husband and father, and loving every second of it.

  • Mountain biking, road cycling, track cycling
  • Alpine, classic, and skate skiing
  • Mechanical interests include bicycle and auto maintenance


I work at Connected as an Engineering Manager with four great reports.

My most recent allocation was leading an Engineering team of 8 launching a web and mobile app in the hospitality industry:

  • Web launched in Dec. 2021, mobile apps published in early 2022
  • Backend: AWS Amplify, GraphQL, Lambda (Javascript), DynamoDB
  • Web: React (Typescript)
  • Mobile: React-Native (Javascript)


🚧 Personal Financial Planning SaaS Project 🚧

In what little spare time I have, I spend it building a personal finance web application. I want people to gain a better understanding of their finances and be better able to set financial goals.

Avatar photo Matt is a Sr. Manager, Engineering with broad interests in Software Engineering, skiing, & cycling.